Guidelines for Visiting

Templum Fidelis Visiting Protocol

The mandatory dress code for all visitors and members is black tie tuxedos. Please note that formal kilt dress, military dress or anything other than black tie tuxedos are not acceptable. Officers of the Lodge will wear white gloves. Grand Lodge officers will adhere to formal dress protocol for their rank and office.
*Members or guests not properly attired will not be admitted to the meeting.

If you would like to visit Templum Fidelis Lodge please contact us to confirm your attendance and to arrange payment no later than 4 business days prior to the meeting. This set fee is to cover the costs of the formal banquet (Agape) and to help with the expenses for bringing in guest speakers from time to time. The Agape (banquet) is an integral part of the Traditional Observance experience and of your visit to Templum Fidelis. The menu can be made available upon request and we will attempt to accommodate any dietary or religious requirements when sufficient notice is given. Guest speakers will be announced here on well in advance of each regular meeting.

The Lodge requires this advance notice to make arrangements with the caterer, set up the banquet hall for the agape and confirm a visiting Brother’s membership status. If visiting from another jurisdiction, the Secretary is required to confirm that your Grand Lodge is recognized by the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

The strict dress code is something we take very seriously. It is a reflection of both the high importance we place on the occasions we come together as Masons and our commitment to Freemasonry. Although we as Masons hold ourselves ‘in common’ to certain principles and ideals, there is nothing common about this, or in the standards of being a Freemason. Our dress code is an outward expression of this, the uncommon and singular experience of Freemasonry.

On the day of your visit, the Senior Warden will inspect your dues card and, if necessary, conduct a Board of Trial prior to your entrance to the Lodge. Visitors and members alike should plan to arrive at least a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the opening of Lodge to give the Director of Ceremonies time to arrange the procession into Lodge.

Upon entrance to the Lodge building, all non-essential discussion shall be kept to a minimum, and in hushed tones. There will be plenty of time for Fellowship at the Agape following Lodge. If an Entered Apprentice degree is being conferred, COMPLETE SILENCE MUST BE MAINTAINED.

Visitors shall find the doors to the Lodge room closed until Lodge is opened. No visitors shall be admitted into the Lodge room prior to this time. At the direction of the Director of Ceremonies, all visitors and members shall be led into Lodge.

After Lodge has opened, there shall only be one voice: that of the WM, or whomever he has given the floor to. No other discussion is permitted.

At the close of Lodge, no Brother shall make any announcements of any kind. After Lodge is closed the Brethren shall assemble on the level for the Chain of Union. The Brethren shall then proceed to the Prince Arthur Banquet Hall for the Agape.