September 16th Preview

Under the relatively safe assumption that it can only be an improvement over the summer weather, we gather together as a Lodge to welcome the beginning of the fall season on September 16th. Brother Sam Asselstine will be presenting an Entered Apprentice paper for the in-Lodge presentation and Brother John Mooney will be proving his proficiency as a Master Mason. These items to be bookended by featured pieces of music by Brother Organist.

Our guest speaker at the Agape will be Mr. Dan Corbett, a Strength Based Change & Organizational Excellence Facilitator. His topic will include leadership concepts and how to facilitate and build consensus in groups.

The banquet menu for the agape will be as follows:

Appetizer: Wedge salad of romaine, blue cheese, green onion, prosciutto crisp and cajun ranch dressing

Small plate: Braised and seared pork belly on mackinnons brothers ale split pea puree, thyme butter and crispy leeks

Main: Roasted and carved beef striploin, roasted garlic mashed, fall vegetable ratatouille, green peppercorn demi glace

Dessert: New york cheesecake with fieldberry and galliano coulis

To confirm your attendance for the Lodge meeting and the agape, please contact Brother Events Coordinator by Thursday,Sept 14th.