Sept 19th Preview

Without wishing to rush the colour into the trees just yet, we look ahead to our September 19th meeting to mark the passing of summer and the beginning of another beautiful autumn season. We are very pleased to be bringing a new Candidate to the Craft at this meeting and, pending a trial of his fortitude and fidelity, we are prepared to conduct the Entered Apprentice Degree to initiate a new Brother. We will also enjoy our customary program of musical pieces bookending an in-Lodge paper. Music and paper this month being presented by Brother Organist.

Our keynote speaker for this year’s instalment of the Maple Leaf Lecture Series will be Brother Oscar Alleyne coming to us from Washington D.C.. Brother Alleyne will, very appropriately, be presenting a paper on the questions posed to the new Candidate in the Entered Apprentice Degree.

The menu for the agape is as follows:

Celeriac and pear soup with stilton cheese

Fresh baked focaccia & butter
Crispy spiced pork belly on fennel salad

Beer braised short ribs
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
Green beans with garlic & caramelized onions

Drunken peach cobbler with raspberry ice cream

Please contact Brother Events Co-ordinator to confirm your attendance for this meeting. Reservations will be taken through to Tuesday, September 15th, end of day. We look forward to seeing you.